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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Wearing Salwar Suit

The initially salwar suit was general in the northern India state Punjab and Haryana; it included part of Punjab that is in Pakistan today. This traditional dress is worn by women and girls through their style and cuts are very different from the other dresses. In addition, the style of salwar suits worn in Punjab is cut differently to styles worn in Afghanistan and Balochistan is known as “Punjabi suits” or “Patiala salwar suits”.

In Punjabi salwar kameez, salwar is cut straight and gathered at the ankle with a loose belt reinforced with coarse fabric and kameez is cut flat and straight with side slits. The use of slit in kameez cutting line can be traced to the 11th century and is very similar to the modern straight cut kameez worn by women today. The Punjabi salwar kameez or thePatiala salwar kameez emerged as mainstream fashion clothing in 1980 and during the first part of the 21st century, when it began to wear on the streets and in parades in London and Paris. He became a rage when the fashion leaders like Princess Diana, Duchess of Wales and Cherry Blair, wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair wore.

Punjabi Salwar Kameez in the West

The salwar kameez is worn by women across racial and ethnic lines in many parts of the world that migrant from Punjab in India and Pakistan continue to move to different places in the world with their culture and clothing. Black ladies in London were among the first to adopt these salwar kameez, long before they were worn by fashion icons and upper-class Britain and continue to this day to wear these Punjabi suits because of their comfort and wear ability whole season. However, in this complex world of fashion and culture change, the real heroes keep Punjabi suits alive are elderly Punjabi women that despite cultural and racial chances continued to wear their salwar kameez classic and actually promoting these proceedings for their next generation.

Ways to wearing Check Prints

Modern, attractive and assertive, check prints are a trend that will definitely have a long-staying impact on your wardrobe, be it summer or winter season. Owing to its quirky yet formal look, you can sneak men’s check shirts under blazers and such for a business meeting or wear with rugged denims when you’re heading for a sassy siesta at the local cafe or a movie theatre. Buy men’s dress shirts online in bold shades like red, yellow or purple and wear with white pants for a daring and fashionable look on off-work days.

At work, you can veer towards a monochrome way and wear black blazers and textured trousers with pastel linen shirts. Shop for men’s checked shirts online in light hues to best perfect the gingham trend. Work your dressy check shirt look with clean-cut lines, eye-catching prints and graphic tee shirts. Your wardrobe requires a dose of fashion as per the latest runaway trends, and check shirts are the fashion-forward style your OOTD needs.

Ruled by bold checks, short-sleeved shirts which were once solely reserved for Friday events are a staple worn by all corporates and creative artists. Whether you weave the trend in to your casual wardrobe or wear with denim shorts and chinos for travel trips and beach vacations, this trend is not going anywhere. Go for slim fits that can stay tucked in with formal trousers or adopt street style cool by teaming up with ripped denims with check shirts and leather jackets.

There are several ways to spice up your basic office wardrobe and wear all your clothes in new ways. Be it a meeting with the boss or an office lunch, you can definitely make an impression by wearing the latest fashion.

Bold, effortlessly stylish and fun, statement T-shirts paired with check trousers add a head-turning wow factor to your overall look. Short sleeve check shirts are also a must-have for college students, and can be paired with dark washed denims, espadrilles and a cool backpack, and you’re ready.

Wear checks in tailored fits and in the right way to cause a stir, in the corporate world. A trendy pick for a casual outing with friends or date nights with your girlfriend, check shirts are a must-buy! Flaunt a street-smart look with Batman or superhero tees, layered underneath check shirts in basic black and red hues and a pair of denims for a new twist. Ideal for beach days and relaxed occasions, check shirts allow you to sit back and unwind at any lazy pool party in absolute style. You can team them with your favorite pair of flashy sneakers for a standout look. Team up check shirts with rugged corduroys for a look that’s sure to impress.

Men’s Business Casual Wear

Shirts – While they are considered to be a staple in the business formal department, shirts also take the cake for easily transitioning to the business casual side of the wardrobe. While you’ve mostly shied away from printed or slightly quirky colored shirts, a more casual wardrobe at work definitely give you the freedom to dip into this category. However, if you are opting for a shirt that’s in a bold color, balance your look with a more conventional colored bottom and sensible shoes. You can buy printed shirts for men online and there are even men’s poplin shirts and interesting men’s cotton printed shirts that you can experiment with.

T-shirts – We personally are in love with the comfort factor of a well-fitting t-shirt and it helps that you can buy shirts for men online India so easily. The thing with business casual attire is that as long as you look well-put together and are smartly dressed without going overboard, anything you can carry off may pass – t-shirts included. Unless it is casual Friday at work, don’t pair your t-shirts with ripped jeans and sneakers. Play it smart by combining your t-shirt with chinos or trousers and maybe throw in a blazer if you’d like to turn it up a notch. Steer clear of message tees or ones that have lots graphic designs unless you’re looking to be mistaken for an intern on his first day.

Bottom Wear – While choosing bottom wear for a business casual wardrobe may seem like a challenge, we assure you that it’s not such a big deal. Trousers, Chinos, Khakis and even Dress pants get the green signal but we’d steer clear of ripped jeans, leather pants and any other such items of clothing that may come across as unprofessional. Remember that less is more when it comes to business casuals and that while pairing your bottom wear with top wear, always stick to outfits that are clean, sharp and uncomplicated. We personally recommend that you buy bottom wear for men online from stores like London Bee to ensure the finest quality and the most contemporary styles.

Jackets – Who doesn’t love a man wearing a well-fitted jacket? While well-fitting blazers get a big nod from us when paired with sensible pants and a sober shirt, you’d be well advised to stay away from hoodies. Leather jackets paired with black or nay blue pants and a single colored shirt or t-shirt work superbly. Even denim jackets that are not very ‘in-your-face’ and that are clean cut can be thrown over your work outfit on a Friday. As long as your jacket is not too flashy, gaudy or in any way inappropriate to wear in a business setting, you’re good to go.

Accessories – Accessories are hands down the best part about business casual dressing. While you do get a wide berth to experiment and try new things, word to the wise – stay clear of anything that may make you seem unprofessional or shoddy. This means a strict no to ‘bling’. However, when it comes to ties and pocket squares, you have complete freedom to experiment with colors, pattern and in case of ties, you can even try out different knots. Another often overlooked aspect of dressing is the socks you wear. Most men don’t think twice about socks but they definite are a good option to inject a little quirkiness into your look. Even scarves are a huge part of men’s fashion online and seeing how versatile they are, they can be incorporated into your work wardrobe seamlessly.

Importance of a Kaftan on Holiday

Light weight bag pack

Like many other holiday going people, you would be running around packing and repacking the bags repeatedly trying to figure out what to take along. No matter, how best your efforts may be, for sure you tend to miss out or forget some think. What if it is a bikini or a short dress? Don’t worry if you have your all rounder kaftans with you as it the best holiday dress you have. One of the best advantages of the kaftan is that its light weight makes it easy to carry in your luggage.

A Kaftan for each occasion

You name the occasion and you will get an appropriate kaftan to meet the needs for your occasion. Kaftans can be enhanced by way of adding accessories to it and making it suitable as per the occasion. You can wear a kaftan as formal wear, casual wear, party wear or where it is most in demand, beach wear. You will find many online sites dealing in various types of kaftans. Some may deal only in a single type kaftan or specialized kaftans, as they are called, based on type, occasion and colour.

The Colourful Kaftan Australia

Colour is what attracts all of us. No matter how you wear them, whether as a maxi or as a top on the beach or any party, they fit everywhere and look in style too. They come in various shades, textures, prints and colours. On a holiday, they can be your best friend and can be an easy substitute to a cool summer dress. Their colorful line will give you a heavenly feel and its availability in various different colours makes it a must buy holiday clothing.

The most appealing feature of kaftan wear is the color. The Kaftans are found in plain colors as well but, mostly you would find them to be in patterns, different colors in printed designs. They are available in block prints, floral patterns, tribal patterns or just a trendy design of multiple colors mixed together. It can be a white kaftan half covered in an abstract design.

Kaftan in humidity

When the sun is already at its peak, the Kaftans provide the most comfortable feeling to our body. The Kaftan gives a glamorous look at the same time being very comfortable. During beach and summer holidays, kaftan is the best dress to wear, and the reason behind it is its open stitching style with different choice of fabrics available. Fabric, such as silk chiffon, silk crepe, and Satin can really make you feel light and properly ventilated. The kaftan made from these special fabrics allows the flow of air during summer and humid atmosphere.

Kaftan in summer

When we talk about summer and that also summer holiday, the first thought that strikes the mind is beach. The best places to be in the summer are parties with friends and family. Wear the best 100% silk crafted kaftan. A lot of kaftan lovers are especially choosing short kaftans for summers. Make it work for evening with the addition of a belt and high sandals and make your way straight to the discotheque.

Kaftan all day long

These tips will help you keep wearing your favorite kaftan all day long:

  • Wear you kaftan with pants.
  • A long kaftan will offer the most versatility. Personalise your kaftan to suit your own style based on the holiday mood you are in.
  • Shorter silk kaftans go well on poolside and as beach wear, look great with shorts or pants.
  • Just wear kaftan on its own and relax.