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Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Cotton Sweatshirt

The focus on comfort wear and the advent of the millennials into the workplace have meant that street clothing is finding its way into the office. Whether it is a multinational firm or the next door department store, more and more businesses are now favoring comfort wear for their employees. This rise of these clothes from the gym and dorms to the corner office and boardroom can be gauged from the launch of new styles in street wear by the top fashion brands around the world.

In some ways, the foray of the top players into this field has been more of a blessing than anything else. Their presence, for instance, has revolutionized the styling and designs in these otherwise formless street wear. Anybody who does not have an idea of how much street wear has changed in terms of styling only needs to look up a 80s or 90s music video and compare it with what they see out of their windows, let aside turning to the latest chartbuster video. The change will be quite apparent, and in some ways shocking.

One way to understand is trend is to look at a piece of clothing that everyone has worn at some time or the other in their lives – the cotton sweatshirt. The cotton sweatshirt has been around for quite some time and many people will remember their favorite sweatshirt, whether they wore it in school, college or at home. Though not many wore it to work or to meetings, that seems to have changed now. Many people are finding it easier to wear it to work as companies focus less on attire and more on work quality. Also, a global cross-cultural workforce has meant that ideas of what is proper business wear is undergoing a change as people across cultures opt for their favorite sweatshirt to work.

Among the many reasons, cotton sweatshirts have become popular, two stand out. The first is the rise of iconic leaders in the most happening industry – IT, who preferred to wear their favorite cotton sweatshirt to work. These leaders gave product launch presentations and investor presentations, and appeared on prime time shows and in public wearing their jeans and sweatshirts. Leading exceptional companies that defied the norm and redefined how business can be done, they were much cooler than the suit wearing bankers and business leaders who lost millions and lead the world to a recession. No wonder, youngsters started emulating these outliers and chose to remodel their entire wardrobe depending on what these people wore.

The second is the more regular use of the cotton sweatshirt by popular cultural icons such as pop stars, rappers, film stars, and celebrities. They seem to wear them everywhere and in some cases, even to award shows. Such patronage only served to make the humble sweatshirt more popular.

This trend is likely to continue as people eschew the vanity of stylized clothing for everyday wear and focus on clothes that are comfortable and much happier than a stiff buttoned up shirt and suit.

Wearing a Palazzo

Palazzos can be used to bring about different looks for different occasions. It can be worn with off shoulders or a spheggiti for a breezy outing with your friends. For a more traditional look, we can team Pakistani suits with palazzo pants. If you are not interested in plain pants, you can choose printed palazzos and team them with plain tops. A single coloured Palazzo is better as there are a lot of options for tops to be paired with it. Suits nowadays are mostly teamed with palazzos to give a different yet classy look. Normal kurtis or long kurtis with the centre slit are mostly teamed with palazzos. Heavy embroidery suits are also worn with Palazzos so that, they look grand as well as modern.

Modern girls find it difficult to carry themselves in a traditional suit because they are a lot more used to the comfortable western clothes. The plus point of western clothes is that they are breezy and light. Indian clothes are heavy with work and the material of the dress often suffocates us. This is where Palazzo comes in. It gives you the comfort of a western dress but it can be modified into Indian pattern as well. You can attend a wedding in mid-summer wearing these pants and a Pakistani embroidery suit, thus making yourself and your relatives happy.

These pants have such wide legs that I remember the divided skirt I used to wear when I was small. Palazzo pants can be easily mistaken to long skirts and I feel it makes it much cooler. The waistband of the Palazzo pants can be of types, either broad or narrow. The broadband pants with prints can be easily faked as long skirts. A funky belt can be work to make the pant look even more desirable. As the pants are really loose and flowy, the tops should be chosen carefully. Shrugs and full sleeved tops are to be totally avoided. The top should be a perfect fit, as it will help in enhancing the entire look. Sleeveless or mega sleeve suits are widely preferred. Crop tops paired with Palazzo pants and pumps can make the best outfit for a classy dinner date. Ankle length Palazzo pants in black are also fast growing in the formal clothing section. Palazzos are traditional and trendy as per the needs.

Hooded T-shirts for Men & Women

Hooded T-shirts are always in trend because of the beautiful combination that they present. The sweatshirts are combined exquisitely with a high level of comfort and style. This fashionable wear is in trend for many years together and is one such clothing item that will never go out of style for many more years. Thus, if you are looking for a casual dress to wear it to your office or college, the sweatshirts with hoods will make a perfect fit for your requirements.

The hooded T-shirts are looked up more as a college or school level clothing, what with so many universities and high schools printing their names with pride. Although the sweatshirts are considered more as youth clothing, they have entered the offices and corporate sector too, with their style and unique comfort level. Today, we also see several office goers preferring to wear these casual wear as their go-anywhere outfit and also for their Saturday sojourn at the office.

Thus, all in all, hooded T-shirts are a craze these days and have been made more popular with splendid designs that the manufacturers have thought to display on them. If you browse the net today, you will find countless sweatshirt stores selling exquisitely designed sweatshirts in various hues. The simplicity of their appearance combined with the stylish look makes you want to buy a handful of them to enrich your wardrobe.

Although the sweatshirts are famous for their all-weather look, the hoods give an extra zing to them. With the hood hanging at the back or pulled up on your head, you can accomplish several things at one go. You can create a style statement, save yourself from extreme weather conditions and also can save those extra bucks you need to spend on winter wear. Since sweatshirts, with hood, can double up as winter wear too, you need not look for anything special to go with, on a cold, windy day, but just your t-shirt with hood, and you, braving the weather to reach your destination.

Thus, sweatshirts with hoods are in fashion now, and for always. There are designs to suit all age, groups. You can find a sober looking sweatshirt to double up as an office casual wear, or a bright one, for those lovely weekend outings. Anything you prefer is available in the market today. There are bespoke clothing’s too, to make the matters easier for sweatshirt lovers, which can customize your sweatshirts with respect to colors, designs and what not.

Handbags and Purses Designed by Furla

The wide variety exclusive of handbags and purses designed by Furla is discussed below.

Crossbody bags: These bags crafted in leather feature an adjustable shoulder strap and are available in a lot of colors as well as varieties. Some of these even have removable shoulder straps. Use them with your denims or party dress, it is capable of adding style in all of them. They suit too well with formal wear, and are perfect for casual looks.

Hobo: The Furla Hobo bags are of one of their kind. These Hobo bags come with additional feature of magnetic closure and protective feet. This trendy collection is appropriate for the use of any age group of women. They look great and come in different colors and styles which are perfect for different occasions.

Shoulder Bags: These are the best bags for office and formal use. Stylish looks and elegant colors can complement the formal look and can take it to perfection. These bags provide you enough room to keep your essential items like wallet, make up kit etc. However, they are not bulky and will perfectly complement the office attire.

Satchel Bags: Satchel bags are fairly a new design and a very common piece. Its uniqueness can provide an edge to your look over the others in party. They have detachable straps that even allow you to carry it across your shoulder.

Tote bags: Tote bags can serve all the purposes of a girl. If you are going for a trip to the beach town or you are going to the fun street shopping with your friends; you can take your tote along with you anywhere. You can stuff all your thing in these and still make a style statement in your friend circle. This is one of the most trending bag styles in women fashion.

Wallets: The tiny bags can be a huge trend in coming time. The Furla collection of wallets is very classy and provides enough space, with three open pockets to keep your cards and money. You need not take any purse with you if you have these handbags with you.

Every women needs to have these classy, stylish and comfortable bags in their collection. Enlighten your fashion sense with these purses and handbags, find your style and choose any one of them.