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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Types of Clothing Fabrics

To list all the types of fabrics there are in the world would fill up pages and pages. But here is a select sample of the common ones, with a few exotic types thrown in.

  1. Cotton is derived from the fiber of the tropical cotton plant. When the cotton flowers bloom and die, a boll remains which ripens and splits open to reveal a white, fluffy interior with seeds – this is the raw cotton. Cotton is the most widely used fabric and is the basis of over 30 types of textiles.
  2. Blends are a general description of fabrics made of two or more fibers. The idea is to incorporate the distinct characteristics of the separate fibers into one textile.
  3. Denim is a type of cotton fabric woven in such a way that the threads produce that distinctive diagonal ribbing on the underside of the fabric. Traditionally it was dyed blue and the first denim trousers were made in Genoa, Italy. Both the words ‘denim’ and ‘jeans’ are of French origin.
  4. Chiffon is a very sheer, light fabric made out of silk, cotton or synthetic fibers. The twist in the fibers gives it a somewhat rough feel, and the mesh-like weave contributes to its see through properties.
  5. Georgette is a type of silk fabric, although today synthetic georgettes are also produced. It’s light, crinkly, slightly rough feel is what it’s known for, plus the range of colors it is dyed in.
  6. Wool is a natural protein fiber derived from the hair and fur of different animals including sheep and goats. The fibers are shorter than those of silk and generally form a looser weave.

Fabrics are either woven or knitted, and can be made from animal fibers (wool and silk), plant fibers (cotton and linen) or man-made fibers (nylon). Knitted fabrics are more stretchy than woven ones. Various other types of clothing can prove fruitful for different knitting and stitching projects or for creating ready stock apparels.

Monsoon Fashion for Men

Jeans – Yeah, no. Even the daftest of the lot know that denims are bulky, heavy and a pain to dry in the monsoon. But what if we told you that you could actually rock jeans in the monsoon months? While not all kinds of denim are monsoon friendly, stretch denim and bull denim are two types of denim that dry easily and even when wet, do not cling to your skin and give your rashes. In the world of bottom wear for men online, you’ll definitely chance upon a pair that’s ideal for your monsoon escapades. Even if you decide to wear your usual pair of jeans, make sure you stick to pairs that are not of the skinny jeans variety or the straight fit family as they tend to stick to your frame.

Shirts – As is the rule with anything you wear for the monsoon, fabrics that dry easily and don’t stick to your body when wet are your best friends. Fabrics that don’t easily get stained with mud and that resist water to a certain degree include fabrics that are blended with synthetic materials like lycra and polyester. However, choosing simple natural fabrics like cotton is a great idea since they don’t let the perpetual humidity of the Indian monsoon get to you. You can choose from a wide variety of men’s printed cotton shirts, men’s solid dyed cotton shirts and men’s cotton poplin shirts online. When everything around you is muddy and drab, having a colorful wardrobe is the simplest way to raise your spirits without breaking a sweat. However, with that being said, remember to dress for the occasion and social setting you’re going to be in.

T-shirts – The most essential and versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe; the mighty t-shirt is a great option for casual wear in the monsoons. Just as you stuck to certain fabrics when it came to shirts, even t-shirts in materials like cotton and blended fabrics including synthetic materials like lycra and polyester are your best bet. Go for bright colors like blue, yellow, red and orange if you’re going to a casual affair that doesn’t need you to look subdued. However, for casual events where you don’t want to come across as flamboyant, we would advise you to pick men’s t-shirts online in colors like rose quarts and buttercup. Not only are these colors chic and sophisticated, but they are also among the year’s most fashionable colors.

Shorts – Unless you absolutely have to, give the full length pants a break this monsoon and make way for shorts and bemudas this monsoon. We personally are big fans of cargo pants too, but to some they might be a little too bulky for the weather. Shorts make sure that the amount of fabric that can possibly get wet in the rains is reduced and to top it all off, they are exceptionally comfortable. Shorts are the perfect option for all your informal engagements such as coffee dates, brunch or house parties. Paired with a decent t-shirt, shorts are the go-to metro sexual look in our book. You can buy the best of men’s shorts online from websites such as London Bee!

Windcheaters – With everything said and done, the most important piece of clothing in your wardrobe during the monsoon season is the loyal windcheater. Not only does it keep you dry and protected from unsolicited splashing, it also helps keep you warm. Windcheaters today are not just limited to the basic brown, black and navy blues. Don’t be surprised if you end up finding neon colored, printed or even see-through windcheaters in the markets and while shopping for men’s fashion online. However, while picking one for yourself, keep in mind that you will be wearing this windcheater almost every day (unless you own another one). Pick a style that complements your existing wardrobe and one that you’re comfortable wearing. If you’re a man who loves basic clothing, choosing a bright orange windcheater might not be the best course of action.

Way to Making Custom T Shirt

In making your T-shirt designs, there are some basic steps you can do in order for you to achieve the awesome and unique style you want.

First, plan and choose your design. Your T-shirt design must represent something you really want. It may be your favorite band, anime character, abstract arts, motto or logo you believe in, or an advertising for a company you are working for. The idea of your design will actually determine and help you in the designing process. You may consider using stock photos from the Internet or your personal photos as your design, depending on your needs and preferences.

Second, pick your color scheme. When designing your T-shirt, it is important to think about the color combination and contrast. You should think how certain ink colors in your design will appear against a dark or light-colored shirt. Certain ink colors may look different on the computer screen vs when they’re actually printed.

Third, use lines, shapes, and textures properly. When designing a shirt, it is important to consider the strokes, figures, and surface quality. Lines, shapes, and textures are the things that will make your t-shirt design awesome, stylish, and unique so learn to use and combine these elements properly.

Fourth, check the composition of your design. You should look on the combination of all of the elements you used on your design. It is important to determine the proper position of the design on your shirt. Check whether there are dull or over decorated parts on the shirt. You should think how the elements used can fit well together. Your design should be balanced so that it can easily get the attention of the viewer.

And the final step is to be creative and imaginative. This is the main step in doing custom t-shirt designs. You may check out the latest trends or designs online and be inspired to make better designs out of those trends. You may also try different color combinations that suit your fashion taste. Also, you may try to sketch out your ideas of your designs and try to have second opinion coming from your family, friends, or even your coworkers. Asking what they like the most may help you to construct more awesome designs for your shirts.

Plus Size Swimwear

A piece of clothing has the power of making anyone feel like heaven if it is comfortable as well as stylish at the same time. Almost everybody faces this crisis between selecting the kind of clothing that fits well and the other that looks amazing. There rarely comes a situation or a chance where both of these luxuries are met at the same time and at the same place. Getting a nice dress or an attractive top is still easy but one of the major challenges that almost every plus size woman faces is selection of perfectly fitting lingerie. Every other woman can be seen complaining about lingerie that does not fit well at all or unavailability of sizes. The only solution to this one problem is to look for a store that guarantees a perfect fitting and promises quality as well as great level of comfort.

Just because you are plus size does not mean you have to give up on style. If you search online you would come across multiple brands and stores that fulfill your needs and desires. Discounted plus size lingerie are readily available on every other online store but it is really important to look for the one that understands your style requirements and fulfills your fitting criteria. Once you find that one and only perfect store you do not even have to look for other better options because you would know that all your requirements would be met by that one store. It is even better from the trust perspective as you can always rely on that one store even when you are not sure what may look good and fit well. Moreover, when you see a store working to the best of its ability, you know you can trust it in the longer run.

After you have found that one trust-worthy store, you know you can depend on it for more than just one purpose. If you are looking for something to wear at the beach or a pool party where you could flaunt your curves, then look for the best quality plus size swimwear in USA which offer multiple styles. Choose something which nobody may have worn before and be the trend setter. The best part about buying a plus size swimwear or lingerie is that not only your expectations in terms of fitting are met but you get an additional touch of care and comfort in whatever you choose to wear.

Now you do not even have to wait for an occasion or any event to come up because your chosen store will give you excuses and more excuses to get discounted lingerie and swimwear so you never get tired of pampering yourself.